Online Timesheets and Expense/Mileage Reimbursement Forms


The Core Medical Group Online Timesheet and Expense/Mileage Reimbursement Form application allows Core Medical Group employees to complete an electronic version of the same timesheet and expense/mileage report they are already familiar with. These online timesheets and expense/mileage reports, hereafter referred to as "forms" can be printed, signed, and faxed to Core Medical Group much like the original paper version. However, now our employees can submit their forms to their approving managers electronically. Once approved, the forms will be electronically relayed to Core Medical Group's payroll and billing departments. An email notification will also be sent to the employee upon approval.

Here's how it works:

An employee uses any computer with Internet access to go to The application first presents the employee with a login screen. Employees enter their email address into the login screen and optionally can enter their password if they are a returning user and know their password. It is not necessary for employees to remember their password because the application can send a password reminder any time it is needed. Each password reminder email includes a link that allows employees to log in without entering their email address or password manually.

First-time users of the application are prompted to enter their first and last names. A password is randomly generated and emailed to the new user. The password reminder email contains all the information needed to log into the application as well as a link which automates the process of logging in.

Once an employee is "logged in", they are taken to the "Home" page where they can create forms and see a list of any previous forms they may have. There is also a link on the "Home" page to a "Profile" page where employees can change their password if they choose to and also set some basic information about their work assignment which is then used by the system every time a new form is created. The profile page will also allow employees to enter their manager's email address for approval.

When the employee creates a new form, or selects an existing form from the "Home" page, the selected form page loads. The online form is in a similar format to the original paper version. The online timesheet allows employees to enter start and end times for each day's shifts and breaks. The totals columns are automatically updated and cannot be manually altered. The online expense/mileage report allows employees to enter descriptions and the number of miles, which will also automatically total.

There is a "Save" button to allow employees to save the form they've entered at any time. This allows the employees to add hours and/or mileage to their forms daily if they choose, but they can also just create and complete in one visit at the end of the week if they prefer.

Once an online form has been completed, the employee can click the "Save and Print" or the "Preview for Online Submittal" button at the bottom of the sheet. At this point employees can review the information for accuracy one last time. There is an edit button if further changes are needed. If everything is accurate, employees can then print the forms, sign it, get approval signature (if needed), and then fax it to Core Medical Group.

If the employee has obtained their managerís email address and has entered it onto their profile page or onto their forms, employees do not need to print and fax their forms and can use the online approval process. The approver will be notified via email that the forms are ready for online approval. Upon approval employees are notified and the forms are automatically submitted to Core Medical Group for processing.